episode 29- the wrong kind of nerds

episode 29-the wrong kind of nerds this week we talk about a nerd convention where two wrestling nerds(us) couldn’t even fit in. and we talk about wrestling

episode 28- mike gets sexually harassed

episode 28- mike gets sexually harassed this week mike has more stories and we talk about the same wrestling storylines as the last (insert comedically large number) weeks

episode 27- mike williams, employee of the year

episode 27- mike williams, employee of the year this week mike shows us how not to do his job and how he tries to put himself over ubering, we talk about wwe treading water, mike is wrong again about the bellas, and john cenas absurd 8th grade dance hairstyle

episode 26- angry drunks

episode 26-angry drunks this week mike tells more ubering stories and shameless self-promotion, and we discuss the ups and downs of building to too many “ppvs”

episode 25- why red?

episode 25- why red? this week we are confused by the cage color, and mike calls Scott’s voice “sexy”

episode22- two guys, one mic

episode 22-two guys, one mic this week we actually sit down in the same room to talk shenanigans and summerslam. this episode brought to you in part by the ralpho fantasy football league

episode21- adult diapers

episode 21- adult diapers this week we talk mike’s terrible management style, our reactions to the smell of vomit, and of course wrestling

episode 20- women’s darwinism

episode 20- women’s darwinism we discuss how heavy handed the marketing is for the evolution ppv, and other things and stuff