episode22- two guys, one mic

episode 22-two guys, one mic this week we actually sit down in the same room to talk shenanigans and summerslam. this episode brought to you in part by the ralpho fantasy football league

episode21- adult diapers

episode 21- adult diapers this week we talk mike’s terrible management style, our reactions to the smell of vomit, and of course wrestling

episode 20- women’s darwinism

episode 20- women’s darwinism we discuss how heavy handed the marketing is for the evolution ppv, and other things and stuff

episode19- 5th time’s a charm? for real this time

episode 19- 5th time’s a charm? we’re back, with a new episode to make up for the lost episode from last week that now belongs to the angels. we review the oxymoron that is extreme rules, and interview a former colleague of mike’s, and explain our brief technology induced hiatus

episode 18- safe words

this week raw and smackdown were decent and mike shares with us why he is a bad manager

episode 17- improv

this week we improvise to adjust to new additions. and mike brings back christmas and another special guest

episode 16- christmas in june

this week we are joined by “christmas” and he helps us break down this weeks WWE shows and gives his expert opinion on the military obstacle course that was built for lashley

episode 15- pantsless mike

episode 15- pantsless mike this week mike talks about dropping his pants in parking lots and we discuss the ups and downs of raw and smackdown

episode 14- mostly nonsense

episode 14- mostly nonsense this week we ramble about random stuff, review raw and smackdown and completely destroy the dance off on smackdown

Episode 13- story time with mike

episode 13- story time with mike this week we answer more of your questions, mike tells more stories and puts himself over, and as always we review raw and smackdown